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The Store of the Future.

Thanks to 360iQ ®, managers and owners know how to use data in decision-making, when to take action, how to improve operations and increase profits, how to get real value out of information. But tomorrow is today. Get ready with 360iQ.

One of the things that we’ve understood from the beginning is the importance of listening. We’ve created a system that learns from every person who uses it, an application that takes into account the experience of every manager or owner who interacts with it. Conventional management of a franchise store is dependent on the experience of a store manager, whose knowledge might be limited to the given restaurant. By applying our model, an individual store can profit from the knowledge and experience gathered collectively in similar stores throughout an entire chain.

Our mastery of IoT solutions can help influence buying habits and reduce shrinkage. For example, pre-arranged ads can be displayed on screens of various sizes inside or outside the store, and help move a product whose sales are falling below the set targets.

We know that employee turnover is extremely expensive and impacts customer service in a major way. Ensuring that all employees feel like they’re part of a team can improve the group’s morale and contribute to the workplace atmosphere. With us, you can create a workplace that is more interactive and engaging, employ Beacon technology to help employees improve their routine, and enable them to match their goals with those set by the managers.

Our use of machine vision integrated with POS data can provide you with proactive warnings for equipment maintenance or enable automatic counting of people coming in and out of your store, so that you can learn your peak and low traffic times, and learn which of your locations turns the most shoppers into buyers.

The potential is already there. All we have to do is link the technology that has already been around and installed in your stores for years – such as surveillance and POS systems – and put it under one business intelligence framework. With us, you can transform your restaurant into the Store of the Future right now.


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