Time is Money, We Save You Both.

Theft and human error eating away at your profits? Introduce accountability and save hundreds of dollars per store per month.

We See Everything, What’s Your Superpower?

Our state-of-the-art loss prevention tool gives you total visibility into your business and allows you to take any action from the palm of your hand.

Winners Rely on Answers, Not Just Data.

We turn numbers into insights and put surveillance and POS data to work, so that you can see what you really need to see.
Our Solution
We harness the power of big data, combine it with video, to provide you with answers on the performance of your stores, behavior of your employees, live sales, suspicious transactions and activities, compliance issues, and required actions.
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Mobile Cloud Era interview with Leszek James, EZUniverse’s CEO
Your Benefits
360iQ lets you act faster, on-the-go, and focus only on what matters. Using our system leads to a direct increase in profits worth hundreds of dollars per store per month, and, extrapolated to a whole chain, this can amount to millions of dollars per year.
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QSR Magazine on 360iQ
The Future
Our system is constantly evolving as it draws on experiences of stores throughout entire chains (more users = better algorithms). 360iQ is completely adaptable, and we will integrate it with virtually any piece of equipment you might decide to use.
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The Store of the Future
Move Beyond Surveillance
Management that relies on data analysis as an integrated solution, one that links sales insights with video, is the future. We integrate video footage, transaction data, temperature of refrigeration units etc., and apply customizable loss prevention analytics to provide business owners with immediate answers. The future is now, see how it works.
Live Sales
We’ve Successfully Integrated with the Key Players in the OSR Industry
Let us do the work for you:
360iQ Snapshot

Our team of auditors can turn a simple report into an efficiency-enhancing strategy for your store: a complete snapshot of your business with trends, employee performance, links to video and picture exhibits. Read More

360iQ Incident Report

Pick which transactions, events or compliance issues require a detailed step-by-step analysis. We’ll investigate and gather all the information you need to take action. Read More

Join the Global Network of Over 25,000 Satisfied 360iQ Users.
“I feel relaxed having 360iQ on my side – it's like having an extra set of eyes on my business. I would say I’m sleeping peacefully at night.”
Dipak Patel
Burger King® Multi-Unit Owner
“I just caught an employee taking money out of the register. With Subway Surveillance (360iQ) I was able to view the video footage clearly, alongside the on-screen receipt for the transaction, and have all the proof I needed.”
Junior Cintron
Subway, Orange, CT

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