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Item Deletes

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Backdoor Theft

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Loss Prevention

Our LP services empower QSR and Fast-Casual business owners to uncover theft and hidden sources of savings, increase revenue, save time, money, and manage their businesses remotely with the highest levels of efficiency.
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Interview with Dipak Patel, owner of 14 SUBWAY® stores

Store Safety

The 360iQ Incident Reports and saved video footage not only provide managers with concrete evidence for termination of non-compliant employees, but also help keep the customers and team members safe. The system, as one manager puts it, serves as a great ‘theft deterrent.’
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360iQ and safety issues in the Breaking Bad mecca.

Brand Compliance

360iQ bridges the gap between managers and employees. It enhances communication. Thanks to our solution, the managers are able to focus solely on executing their plans, while our app helps guide the employees on how to perform better, meet the company standards, and reach the goals set by their employers.
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Brand Compliance

Typical Issues and QSR Scenarios

Employee theft is easy to pull off, but very difficult to trace, and that’s why it is a very common problem, affecting almost every restaurant. It’s estimated that employee theft is behind 75% of all inventory shortages. Find out how 360iQ can solve the problems in several typical scenarios:


One of the most common types of employee theft is point of sale fraud: an employee completes an order and charges the customer, only to then void the transaction and pocket the cash a few minutes later.

Item Delete

Another kind of point of sale fraud. Instead of voiding an entire transaction, an employee deletes a single item, making it much harder to trace.


‘Sweethearting’ is an unauthorized giving away of food without charge to a friend or family member, using a manager’s card or taking advantage of employee discounts.


Managers are always concerned about what’s coming into their facilities: orders, invoices, and of course, the customers. But it is what’s leaving those same facilities which may be a far more concerning issue.

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